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Yucheng Post

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Opening Hours

8.30am - 5.30pm

Entrance Ticket Prices

20 yuan
15 yuan for students

The Yucheng Postal Stop (a.k.a. Yucheng Post or Mengcheng Post) is located in the historic part of Gaoyou in Jiangsu province. The beautiful town of Gaoyou already was an important traffic hub in ancient China during the time of the Song dynasty. Due to Gaoyou's prime position near the Grand Canal as well as the Gaoyou Lake, building a postal stop there was a logical choice. The Yucheng Postal Stop was then finally built in AD 1375 during the period of the Ming dynasty. Already then, it was built larger than other postal stations and nowadays it is not only considered to be the largest but also the best-preserved ancient postal station in all of China.

entrance and drumtower of the Yucheng Postal Stop in Gaoyouentrance and drumtower of the Yucheng Postal Stop in GaoyouBack when the Yucheng Postal Stop was in operation, the empire's official postal carriers could change horses there as well as find food and accomodation before continueing their journey. They could also transfer the mail to another carrier there or to a boat on the Grand Canal. The emperor's special messengers (that carried dispatches throughout the country) as well as ambassadors and other official travellers were also entitled to use the Yucheng Postal Stop as a place to rest and recuperate. Ordinary travellers however could not use the services of an official postal stop as that required a special permit.

The Yucheng Post covers a surface area of about 1.3 hectares. It was in operation for centuries from the year of its founding until 1911 and provided stable work for a staff of about two-hundred people. The about eighty buildings that once occupied the compound were heavily damaged by fire several times but most were repaired/rebuilt after each such incident. During the Qing dynasty in AD 1890, the station was also expanded. Horses played a vital role in the running of a postal station and the Yucheng Post once had twenty stables that provided space for 130 horses.

Huanghua Hall - the main hall of the Yucheng PostHuanghua Hall - the main hall of the Yucheng PostWhen postal riders, imperial messengers and/or officials arrived at the station, they would find an ample choice of food available that was prepared by fourteen different kitchens. A small temple also catered to the traveller's spiritual needs. After staying overnight in one of the station's restrooms, most travellers would then continue their journey the next day. The three large and several small depots at this postal station were predominently used to store grain before it was then shipped along the Grand Canal. To facilitate loading, the Yucheng Post then even had its own landing docks (which no longer exist today) at the nearby canal. Up to eightteen boats were at the disposal of the station and the postal couriers. Furthermore, it was not unusual in ancient China for prisoners to be transported from one part of the country to another. These prisoner treks could also stop at a postal station like the Yucheng Post. To prevent the prisoners' escape at night, they were placed in temporary detention cells when their trek rested at the station.

When approaching Gaoyou's Yucheng Postal Stop that is open to the public as the Museum of Chinese Postal History, most visitors' attention will be drawn to the drumtower that faces the road in front of the compound. It is the only surviving drumtower of three that once existed and from its upper level, visitors will enjoy a nice view over the surrounding one-storey buildings. Before climbing up the tower, most visitors will however view the three main halls of the compound, the entrance hall, front hall (a.k.a. Huanghua Hall) and back hall. The front hall is the main hall among them and this is where the administration work of the postal stop was done and where official envoys were received. Besides Ming and Qing dynasty furniture, you will find exhibits in these halls that are meant to illustrate how China's ancient postal system worked (including statistical tables, duty schedules, information about ancient postal laws and the division of responsibilities among the postal station's staff).

furniture inside the main hall of the Yucheng Postal Stopfurniture inside the main hall of the Yucheng Postal Stop

How to get to the Yucheng Postal Stop in Gaoyou?

Address: Yucheng Post, No.9 Postal Lane, Nan Men Street, Gaoyou, Jiangsu province, China
Tel.Nr.: +86 514 4611 979
Air: Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport (YTY)
Train: Yangzhou Railway Station or
Zhenjiang's 2 railway stations which are a bit farther away
Bus: The Yucheng Post is located off a narrow alley. The only way (except walking or riding a bike) to get there is by pedicab, which visitors can hail anywhere in Gaoyou. The fare should be less than 20 yuan, even from the outskirts of Gaoyou.

Recommended Hotels in Gaoyou and Yangzhou

The first hotel that is introduced below is the only 5-star hotel in Gaoyou. It is located only about 1.2 miles away from the Yucheng Postal Stop. Tourists that plan to visit Gaoyou on a day trip from the bigger city of Yangzhou in the south (about a 70 to 90-minute-drive by bus) are recommended to stay at the second listed hotel. It is a modern and luxurious 5-star hotel close to Yangzhou's famous Slender West Lake. The provided information was thoroughly researched from various hotel booking websites. Chinese History Digest is not responsible if any information regarding the provided services and amenities might have changed.

Huifu Jinling Hotel

outside view of the Huifu Jinling Hotel in GaoyouGaoyou in Jiangsu province is a county-level city under the administration of Yangzhou. It is located right beside Gaoyou Lake about 44km north of Yangzhou, which is not only the much bigger city but also much more renowned in Chinese history. The famous Venetian Marco Polo for example is believed to once have served as the governor of Yangzhou. The Huifu Jinling Hotel is the only 5-star hotel in Gaoyou. Most of Gaoyou's tourist sights lie within relatively close proximity of the Huifu Jinling Hotel. Both the city center and the Yucheng Postal Stop are only about 2km away from the hotel and affordable pedicabs make it convenient to reach every place of interest within a short time (including the narrow alleys in Gaoyou's old town where taxis are not allowed to drive). Reaching the Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport that lies 34.6km from Gaoyou typically takes about 50 minutes and Yangzhou's city center can be reached by car in about 70 minutes. There are also line busses that travel back and forth between Gaoyou and Yangzhou at frequent intervals.

All rooms of the Huifu Jinling Hotel in Gaoyou are air-conditioned and equipped with an in-room safe and a TV with cable channels. A heater can be requested during the cool months of the year. Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and the hotel also has family rooms for travellers with kids. There is a restaurant and a bar on-site and free Chinese-style buffet breakfast is provided. Laundry service (including dry cleaning) and luggage storage are available. For exercise and relaxation, hotel guests have access to a fitness center and a spa.

1.2 miles away

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Shangri-La Hotel Yangzhou

outside view of the Shangri-La Hotel YangzhouThe Shangri-La Hotel Yangzhou is a 5-star luxury hotel that was opened in 2012 in the New Western district of the city, right next to Mingyue Lake and the Yangzhou Museum and about 6km from the city center. Yangzhou's Convention Center is also just a short walk away from this hotel that is surrounded by a Chinese-style garden with pavilions, pagodas and koi ponds and the famous Slender West Lake can be reached within 20 minutes by car. Access of the neighborhoods around the Shangri-La Hotel Yangzhou is facilitated by a shuttle service. Reaching the Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport typically takes about 30 to 40 minutes and airport transfer is available for an extra fee of 300 yuan. The Yangzhou Railway Station can be reached by car in about 5 minutes.

All 360 rooms (including family rooms and suites) of the Shangri-La Hotel Yangzhou are air-conditioned and equipped with a flatscreen TV, safe and minibar. Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and both smoking and non-smoking rooms can be requested. Laundry service (including dry cleaning) and luggage storage are available. The hotel's three restaurants (plus a bar and a coffee shop) serve the best in Chinese, Asian and international cuisine. Buffet breakfast is generally included in the room rate (138 yuan if not included). For exercise, guests have access to tennis courts, a heated indoor swimming pool and a fitness center. For relaxation, hotel guests can book a massage and use the hotel's sauna, steamroom and spa.

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