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Mencius Temple and Mencius Family Mansion

Mencius Temple and Mencius Family Mansion
on western and eastern side of Yasheng Road
north of Miaoqian Road
Zoucheng, Shandong province
Gate of the Mencius Temple, Zoucheng
Gate of the Mencius Temple in Zoucheng

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Opening Hours Public Transportation Admission Fee
8 am - 5 pm
bus from the Qufu Long-distance bus station
to the Zoucheng Bus Station.
Then take a taxi to the temple/mansion.
40 Yuan (March 1 - November 30)
30 Yuan (December 1 - the end of February)

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nearest airport/train station
Jining Qufu Airport is the nearest airport. Zoucheng's train station is one of the stops on the Beijing-Shanghai Railway. nearby Qufu and Yanzhou can be reached by bus.

convenient Hotel(s)
Both the Xinyuan Hotel (1502 Pingyang West Road) and the Shunfeng Business Hotel (269 East of Jianshe Road) in Zoucheng are relatively close to the Mencius Family Mansion and Temple but cannot be booked online. Therefore it might be better to book a hotel in Qufu with DHR

or compare prices on several sites with our partner Wego

weblinks to pages with further information:

information about the temple and mansion at Travelchinaguide
information at

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