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Huaqing Hot Springs

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Opening Hours of the Huaqing Hot Springs Opening Hours

7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
(March - November)
7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
(December - February)

Admission Ticket Prices Admission Fees

120 Yuan

The Huaqing Hot Springs are located about 25 km to the east of Xi'an in the district of Lintong. Once a leisure site for the emperor and now a popular tourist attraction, the Huaqing Hot Springs occupy a large area at the foot of Mount Li. The world-famous Terracotta Warriors are located just a few kilometers away. It is possible to visit both places in one day if you start early.

The site is also known as Huaqing Pool or Huaqing Palace. The five hot spring pools at this site are collectively referred to as the Imperial Pools of the Tang Dynasty. It was indeed all the way back during the Tang dynasty, when Xi'an was still named Chang'an, that the Huaqing Palace was constructed at the site (that had already been used by older dynasties before) as a place for the emperor to relax.

The Huaqing Palace is famous in Chinese history as the location for three significant events. The first one has been immortalized in ancient Chinese poetry. It tells of the love story between Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei (one of the four beauties of ancient China) who spent much time together at the Huaqing Palace. Another famous woman in Chinese history, the Empress Dowager Cixi, used the Five-Room Building at the site as a shelter when the Eight-Nation Alliance of Western powers occupied Beijing in the year 1900. The third historic event that occurred at the Huaqing Palace during the time of the Republic of China was the kidnapping of Chiang Kai-shek (who also stayed at the Five-Room Building) by the warlord Zhang Xueliang in 1936. In history, this event is now referred to as the Xi'an Incident.

The five pools at the site are named Lotus Pool, Haitang Pool, Star Pool, Shangshi Pool and Prince Pool. Emperor Xuanzong used the Lotus Pool for his private bathing and Yang Guifei used the Haitang Pool. The court officials bathed at Shangshi Pool and the children of the emperor bathed at the Prince Pool. The roofless Star Pool was used for nighttime bathing. It is not possible for visitors to bathe in the pools of this tourist sight! There are however hotels in this area with many natural hot springs that can provide this experience, for example the Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa which is located on the extended premises of the Huaqing Hot Springs.

When the emperor visited the Huaqing Palace, he would sleep at the Frost Flying Hall (a.k.a. Feishuang Hall) at the site which is said to have felt unusually warm in winter due to the geothermal activity underneath. The hall is located to the north of the Nine-Dragon Lake which occupies a large portion of the area of this tourist sight. There is also an imperial theatre nearby, the Pear Garden, where the emperor and his concubine Yang Guifei enjoyed song and dance.

Visitors nowadays also have the option to enjoy theatrical performances on-site for an extra fee. "The Song of Everlasting Sorrow" is the title of a show that is performed there every evening (except during extreme weather) between April and October. Its theme is the love story between Emperor Xuanzong and his concubine Yang Guifei. Ticket prices for this popular show range between 238 and 988 Yuan! The second show that visitors can enjoy at the Huaqing Hot Springs replays the events of the Xi'an Incident. This show is performed twice daily at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and tickets cost 169 Yuan.

view of the Frost Flying Hall at the Huaqing Palace
view of the Frost Flying Hall at the Huaqing Palace

Getting there and nearby Hotels

How to get there?

Huaqing Hot Springs
38 Huaqing Road
Lintong district, Xi'an
Shaanxi province, China

Telephone Number +86 29 8381 2003

nearest airport Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (XIY)

nearest railway station Xi'an Railway Station, Xi'an North Railway Station, Xi'an South Railway Station

public bus stop Huaqingchi Station
bus lines from the Xi'an Railway Station: Tourist Bus Line 5 (306), 914, 915
bus line from the South Gate or West Gate of the Tang Paradise theme park: 307
free shuttle bus on day of arrival from the Xi'an North Railway Station (must show train ticket at the Tourist Service Center underground the station to get free bus ticket)
bus line from Lintong Bus Station: 101
bus lines to/from the Terracotta Warriors Museum: Tourist Bus Line 5 (306), 307, 914

nearby Hotels Hotels

The hotels underneath are listed by their increasing distance from the Huaqing Hot Springs:

1. Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa
No.38 Huaqing Road
0.1 miles away

2. Zhonglou Aile Apartment Hotel
Room 1153 Hongfu Jiahui, North Main Street
0.5 miles away

3. Wenjun Express Hotel
Opposite the Library, Jiangzhai Road
0.7 miles away

4. Fulin Hotel (Huichang Road)
Intersection Dongguanzheng Street, Huichang Road South Section
0.8 miles away

5. Qinfeng Tangyun Hotel
West Section of Renmin Road
0.9 miles away

6. Jinyizhan Hotel
West Section of Renmin West Road
1.0 miles away

7. Huaqing Aegean International Hot Springs Resort & Spa
No.8 Shangu Avenue
1.0 miles away

8. Qinhuang Hot Spring Hotel
East Section of Taoyuan Road
1.3 miles away

9. Yuyang International Hotel
Opposite to Ruilin Junfu, South Section of East 2nd Ring
1.3 miles away

10. Ibis Xi'an Lintong Huaqingchi
Building 1 Qinjingyuan Community, Qinling North Road
1.3 miles away

11. 7 Days Inn Xi'an Lintong Huaqingchi
Opposite to Fire Brigade, Yinqiao Avenue
1.6 miles away

12. Thank You Inn Xi'an Lintong Wannian Road
No. 6 Wannian Road
1.7 miles away