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Zhōngguó, the Middle Kingdom, China. Few civilizations in the world can look back at a similarly long history, regardless whether it is truly more than 5000 years long or not. The aim of this website is to provide an easily understandable and comprehensively illustrated summary of the different historic periods. Chinese History Digest tries to present the past not only as a succession of different leaders, military conquests etc. but places special emphasis on the underlying reasons for the different historic developments.

Chinese History Digest aims to facilitate the further expansion of our readers' understanding of the different historic developments in China. Our pages contain recommendations for both books and films (fiction and non-fiction) that are related to Chinese history. These recommendations appear in the articles about the different historical periods/dynasties but they are also directly accessible by visiting our Chinese History Digest Store, powered by Amazon.

The historic sights section lists all the visitable historic attractions, that are mentioned in the articles on this website, along with useful travel tips. Whenever a visitable historic sight is mentioned in an article on this website, this icon Travel Information appears right behind it. By clicking on it, our readers will come to a page with useful travel information for this particular historic sight.

Finally, our readers can access a customized RSS News Feed that mixes recent articles about China's past.

Beijing's Temple of Heaven

historic sights in China
Click here to see a map that shows all the visitable historic sights that are mentioned in the articles on this site along with useful travel tips for each location.

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